Pre-Season Social: 2/23

What better way to kick off the spring season than meeting up for food and drinks?! Join us for a preseason party at Slate Billiards on Thursday, February 23 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Slate offers games, free pool and ping pong. This is a great opportunity to support the blue team’s sponsor, see old friends, and meet new friends before the spring season begins. So grab all your CWSL friends and those interested in playing in the league this spring and bring them to Slate Billiards ( on February 23.

You can RSVP on our Facebook page and we hope you can make it!

Sponsor post: MASL spring registration open


Welcome to the new year again! We are pleased to announce that the Spring ’17 registration is now open to all team captains and players! For all players, once your captain has registered your team, you can register as a Team Player and request your captain to approve your registration. Captains, you can still invite your players using their email addresses also. For any players who do not yet have a team for the upcoming season, please register as a Free Agent and list any players you wish to join a team with and we will do our best to place players together. This can also include players who play in one league with a team, but do not have a team in the other league with which they are not playing (ie A Coed player looking for a team to join in Open).

FREE AGENTS: Please note, that any player looking for a team in either league, must register as a Free Agent in each league they are looking for a team in.


Scheduling of fields is always a challenge as the number of teams fluctuate from season to season, so the first thing we ask is that you register your teams ASAP so that we know how many we will need for the upcoming season. We will begin looking, but will not book fields until we have the group of divisions settled. So captains, please register quickly and we’ll begin booking fields to get the schedules out in a timely fashion this season. Players, encourage your captains to register quickly as well. This will help us to improve on the timeliness of getting the schedule out in the future.

For now however, we can give you the expected dates of each week of games. The Spring ’17 Regular Season is as follows (dates list Open/Coed for each weekend):
Week 01 – February 25/26th
Week 02 – March 4th/5th
Week 03 – March 11th/12th
Week 04 – March 18th/19th
Week 05 – March 25th/26th
Week 06 – April 1st/2nd
Week 07 – April 22nd/23rd
Week 08 – April 29th/30th
Week 09 – May 6th/7th
Week 10 – May 13th/14th
Playoffs will be determined at a later date, but should immediately follow the conclusion of the Regular Season. There will be no games on the April weekends of 4/8-9 (local youth tournament) and 4/15-16 (Easter Weekend). As an additional note, May 14th is Mother’s Day, a day that the league has traditionally played games on. If there are no weekends that need to be made up, we will look to complete all play prior to Memorial Day Weekend (May 27th/28th).


As you all know, our registration for our NCASA player passes operates on the calendar year and we look to roll out that registration very soon. The NCASA system has switched to a new system that should allow for many, many improvements (especially for future seasons) and there is one last kink that we’ve asked the developers to work out for us before registration for everyone’s 2017 NCASA Player Pass will be made available. Look for this to be live on Monday or Tuesday of the following week. At that time, we will let you all know and place the link back on the MASL website.


The Coed League will be managed by a new Coed Commissioner this season, Caleb Wyckoff. Caleb has played with our league for a few seasons and captains the South Charlotte team and we’re excited to have his enthusiasm and help starting this season. As per the previous seasons, the Coed Commissioner will be available for questions at

We’re excited to be adding some more new positions to our league leadership and hope to talk to even more volunteers in the coming weeks. Look for more announcements soon and if you would like to get more involved with helping with league operations, regardless of it’s capacity, please contact the league at

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all at the fields soon!


Metrolina Adult Soccer League

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